Make a difference with our stretch tents

Give your event a sleek and clean look to amaze your guests

Choosing Chuva tents

It means choosing a professional and reliable service so you can concentrate on the essentials

Thanks to the extensible and flexible capacities of our tents, you can choose the configuration of your choice, to make your event unique.
Our tents can be set up on any terrain. The preferred surfaces are asphalt, sand and grass. It is also possible to hang our tent on the wall with our wall mounts.
Rain or shine, our tents offer durability for any event. This way, you will be able to offer an exclusive shelter to your guests.
Chuva tents comply with all safety standards and are fireproof. We also ensure that our team consists of trained and experienced professionals.
Chuva Outdoor can do it all for you

All you have to do is imagine your dream event, we will take care of the rest!

Imagine a different event with one of our exclusive, impactful tents to make your chosen venue stand out even more. Make your dreams come true because we have what it takes to make them happen. We offer tents from 70 to 750 m2. We can also provide the flooring, lighting and a sound system.

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